Hind and Mohammad’s Journey to the Future is a new comic book for kids aged between six and 14-years-old.

I am 8 and would recommend the book to kids. It’s like a fun time machine for your imagination that takes your thinking into the future.

There is a robot called robo that shows Hind and Mohammad the exciting things they can do in the future, which is really helpful when you get to the bit that says ‘write a letter to your future self’.

The places in the book like the Museum of the Future are in Dubai and they are real and you can read more about them online.

The Dubai Future Foundation created the book and Khawla Al Muheiri is the designer. It is in English and Arabic.

“Illustrative children’s literature is a creative approach that helps invite children to look past the present and give them the imagination to envision – and achieve – a better tomorrow,” is what Abdulaziz AlJaziri, from the Foundation, says.

I agree and I recommend the book to other children. You can read it online now in English and Arabic.

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