Supercharge Me – Net Zero Faster, a Financial Times Best New Books on Climate title in March, is a fast-paced gem packed with policy hacks that can help move the dial on climate action in the corridors of power.

It was written by Corinne Sawers, a sustainability and climate advisor and investor, and Eric Lonergan, a leading policy economist and author of the bestselling Angrynomics – my guests recently on Inside Ideas.

“We have people on the streets, we have Extinction Rebellion, we have lots of protests going on but we still don’t have clarity about what we need to do and that’s mission number one in terms of the book’s objective,” Lonergan says.

And the authors say this is not all about implementing ideas that have to reinvent the wheel.

“In some ways our book is actually about the low hanging fruit,” adds Sawers. “We’ve got ten years to halve emissions, and actually there is a big chunk of emissions we have the technology to deal with. We actually know the social, institutional, legislative change needed to do it, so let’s do it because there’s absolutely no excuse not to.”

Catch up with my full podcast with the authors for more from the pages of Supercharge Me.

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