The global seafood industry has undergone a serious transformation in recent decades in a bid to secure a sustainable future for itself. It is an ongoing journey writer Nicholas P. Sullivan explores in his wonderfully researched new book.

“A lot of the perceptions that people had about the state of fisheries are based on things that were happening in the 1990s where there was incredible over-fishing and the depletion of some iconic stocks like the Atlantic cod and the Norwegian salmon farming, which had all kinds of negative environmental effects,” Sullivan said. “But in the last 20 years or so there’s been a major shift: a behavioural shift, and policy shift, towards more sustainable and restorative wild-captured and farming techniques – and I wanted to tell this story.”

This book will speak to everyone in the industry, as well as environmentalists, and all lovers of seafood.

Catch up with my full podcast with Nicholas for more from the pages of The Blue Revolution.

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