The new Toyota Ventures 2022 Call for Innovation is on the hunt to ‘find and fund early-stage companies that can help make the factory of the future a reality sooner’.

On offer is between $500,000 and $2 million in venture capital funding to young companies that are developing solutions in a range of areas, including data analytics, AI and computer vision, augmented reality and cybersecurity.

“In partnership with Toyota’s Manufacturing Project Innovation Center (MPIC) and Toyota Research Institute (TRI), the 2022 call focuses on finding scalable solutions to modernise manufacturing and advance sustainable production,” Toyota Ventures said on Medium. “And it is important to note that the call for innovation is not a competition or contest. It is an opportunity to get your startup’s solution in front of our team, and our partners at MPIC and TRI, knowing that we’re looking to invest in and work with startups in these areas.”

Apply to the call by 31 May.

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