Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 is key to unlocking a post-2030 world that people can truly thrive in.

And a groundbreaking new online exhibition takes us inside the storylines of how that can happen. Based on the award-winning Thames & Hudson publication Habitat: Vernacular Architecture for a Changing Planet, the exhibition: HABITAT: Embracing Change in the Post 2030 Future, reveals interweaving narratives written by seventeen multidisciplinary experts from twelve countries, which explore the immediate challenge of the SDGs, as well as the paradigm shifts needed to move the world onto a prosperous and resilient path long-term.

Curated by Dr Sandra Piesik, architect and director of 3 ideas B.V. – and a general editor of HABITAT encyclopaedia, the exhibition is hosted by The Global Sustainable Technology & Innovation Community (G-STIC) led by Dr Dietrich van der Weken, and Vito, a Belgian – based entity with a global outreach accelerating market-ready solutions to meet the objectives of the Sustainable Development Agenda and beyond.  

Step inside the online exhibition to discover how traditional knowledge, technologies, diverse cultures, and indigenous peoples around the world can come together to creating a more sustainable and desirable future for all.

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