Why is the European Capital of Culture title important for a city?

The European Capital of Culture was established in order to emphasise richness and diversity of European cultures, strengthen cultural connections between citizens of Europe, connect people from different European countries, meet other cultures, promote mutual understanding and strengthen the sense of Europeanism.

The concept of the four bridges deals with eight different topics, each built on three abilities: innovation, sustainability, and democracy. 

Rainbow Bridge -Diversity is our strength:

  • European richness – Contributing EU richness
  • Interculturalism in a multicultural society  

Love Bridge – Sharing our treasures:

  • Cultural heritage
  • Migration and reconciliation 

Hope Bridge – Culture is a way of living:

  • Access to culture 
  • Innovation in culture  

Freedom Bridge -Future is now:

  • Creative city 
  • Youth

This article was written as part of the O-City project funded by the European Commission.