O-City Project

The Creative Economy or “Orange Economy” is the set of activities that, chained together, allow to transform ideas into cultural goods and services and whose value is determined by their intellectual property content. This sector represents an enormous wealth based on talent, intellectual property, connectivity and cultural heritage.


  • To discover, promote and enhance the cultural heritage (tangible and intangible) of cities as a means to develop a deep identity, citizens’ pride and social well-being;
  • Encourage Orange Economy by training professionals (experts) in creative technologies so that they integrate this knowledge into existing or new companies. Sectors such as art and culture, anchored in the past, now look to the future of emerging technologies, thus positioning themselves at the forefront of the creative economy;
  • Modernising universities and innovating teaching and learning methodologies, such as project-based learning (PBL), through the CDIO (Conceive, Design, Implement and Operate) initiative for teaching engineering and stimulating teamwork through Scrum’s agile methodology.


  • An online platform that performs a dual function:
    a. A platform for vocational education and training
    b. An innovative cultural product that can be used by the tourism, culture and entertainment sectors to improve their competitiveness
  • Training plans to acquire specific and transversal skills through courses, workshops and “training modules”.
  • Discovering, promoting and enhancing the cultural heritage of cities through the identification and categorisation of different cultural realities and their representation in the online platform