Institutional, Entrepreneurial & Educational Framework

This Report provides a direct comparison among the European countries that are represented in the O-CITY consortium as regards the activity of the sector of “cultural and creative” industries. It, also, provides the valuable corresponding data for Colombia, although the statistical background is different.

The study of “orange economy” requires a clear definition of the term. “Orange economy” is, indeed, not an easy term to define and although there is, often, a tacit understanding of what it means, it is open to a variety of approaches.

Unfortunately, the understanding among countries as regards the sector of “cultural and creative” industries is similar but not the same, and databases suffer from missing values and lack of observations. Hence, cross-sectional and inter-temporal comparison of activity as regards the cultural and creative industries is not an easy task to deliver.

This report was written as part of the O-City project funded by the European Commission.