From migrant to creative entrepreneur

The “From Migrant to Creative Entrepreneur” manual intends to be an easy and userfriendly sustainable tool to transfer INCREA results and summarises results from previous project activities along with a series of rules and basic practices about “how to run a business”.

It aims at defining a set of clear, simple and adaptable advice for creative entrepreneurs willing to understand more about this field and will support future migrants creative entrepreneurs in running and developing their business.

Structure of this manual

SECTION (A) includes an introduction to Increa project and this manual, their goals and structure, an overview of the Cultural and Creative Industries and a focus on two main innovative tools to reflect and build a creative business project idea.

SECTION (B) that is a sort of a “technical section” dedicated to the main sources of funding to establish and support a creative industry and to provide advice on how to obtain a loan, on how to write a business plan and design a business model.

SECTION (C) includes basic rules of company law and all administrative and bureaucratic procedures necessary to found and lead a company in the main partner countries as well as a more general section, for rules applied at European level.

SECTION (D) includes hints and tips on the topics and contents developed in the three learning curricula that are:



  • How to find online and open resources
  • How to create your own brand identity
  • Work online! Online banking and freelancing
  • How to make your business visible online (online personal accounts and image and Marketing through Social Media)
  • How to secure your PC and business digital documentation


  • How do I make a research and find a business idea?
  • Let’s plan! How to prepare a business plan
  • Do you know how to register a company? (national legal structures)
  • How to deal with contracts, taxation and hiring?
  • How can I fund/credit my business?


  • How to prepare my CV
  • Are you ready for an interview?
  • Let’s work! How to communicate with your colleagues
  • How to write emails and deal with bureaucracy
  • How to make phone calls

This report was written as part of the INCREA project funded by the European Commission.