European experiences, innovation and needs analysis for CCIs

This extensive report is a collection of the combined research and analysis outputs of:

  • Previous European experiences/best practices/case studies of entrepreneurship training for artists/creative and cultural industries
  • Training needs of artists/creative/Creative and Cultural industries (entrepreneurial skills & competences)
  • European best practices and case histories on creative interventions in Public Administrations and SMEs
  • Public Authorities and SMEs needs for the process of innovation, team building, management of internal and external communication

The elements of the report are:

  • Methodologies used in Europe from public and private training providers to support artists and creatives to build their own entrepreneurial path/initiative; case studies and European projects of mentoring for creative and cultural industries operators; national curricula, training courses, formal and informal actions for the target group; regional, national, European programme born to foster entrepreneurship skills development for creative and cultural industries;

  • Collection of direct inputs coming from target groups on the perceived needs in terms of entrepreneurial competences and skills. Artists and Creatives, by answering to survey and direct interviews have improved, updated and contextualized the preliminary analysis made by project partners during the application phase. In particular, the report is a collection of topics that could be connected from one side with specific skills and from the other with learning and training methodologies. It builds on previous research performed in the context of national inquiries and international projects focusing on the same topic.

  • Case histories and previous experience on creative “break in” interventions made by artists and creatives in other organizations, particularly Public Administrations and SMEs. It is an update and integration of the “state of the art” used by the partnership to prepare the application, trying to enlarge the network of organizations involved in the project and potentially interested in the following outputs (training and piloting); case histories on creative intervention with training objectives; case histories on creative intervention with team building objectives; list of previous actors involved at country level in similar initiatives; feedbacks from these actors on what has been useful and what has not been; methodologies used for the creative intervention;

  • Collection of the results and contents of interviews with responsible of those organizations that will take part in the pilot action of the project (as Public Administration the Municipality of Rome and as SMEs those selected by partners according to distinctive characteristics, dimensions and attitude to innovation); questionnaires proposed directly to employees of Organizations involved in the pilot; interviews with intermediary organizations responsibles, like Chamber of Commerce, business associations, business incubators (EU28); integration of available literature on a specific topic and of those reports outcomes of already implemented European projects within similar sectors

This report was written as part of the Break in the desk project funded by the European Commission.