EU Heritage Project

EU Heritage is a transnational project coordinated by Materahub and addressed to professionals working in the field of promotion, valorisation, exploitation, mediation and interpretation of heritage, SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs and artists, creatives and other professionals of cultural and creative industries.


  • To enhance the innovation of the cultural heritage sector to make it more sustainable, accessible, public centred, digitally ready, digitally competitive, resilient and able to face the challenges that are affecting the sector;
  • Integrate digital, entrepreneurial and other transferable and transversal skills within the cultural heritage competence offering;
  • Stimulating the creation of “hybrid” professionals able to assess and exploit the opportunities offered by digital innovation and cross-fertilisation of cultural heritage with other sectors and disciplines;


  • To define a set of skills needed in the cultural heritage sector through the consortium’s extensive experience in research, needs analysis and training;
  • Design an innovative and needs-oriented training course integrating different sectoral and transversal skills, including digital skills, entrepreneurial skills and soft skills.
  • Create an e-learning platform with Creative Commons and Open Educational Resources licenses;
  • Integrate knowledge and materials produced in the fields of cultural heritage, culture and tourism across Europe.