Tali Orad is my guest today on Inside Ideas. She is the founder of 1treellion.org an NGO on a mission to inspire communities to plant trees and help fight climate change.

“I read the research that came out that said if you plant 3.04 trillion trees you can stop climate change,” she said. “Now, I’m a doer so I basically put my money where my mouth is and said, ‘OK – there is a solution, it’s right here in front of us – let’s do it’. This is how 1Treellion came about.”

We see that when there is a connection between us and nature, and when we are part of that ecosystem, we respect nature, we take care of nature, and we take care of those trees.

She continued: “We have planted in different continents, different places, I mentioned Kenya, there is Tanzania, Uganda, Armenia, Thailand. We’re about to plant in Brazil, Guatemala, and more.”

Tali is also the co-founder of Wibble, and the founder of Screen, a startup that helped balance technology usage between a legitimate educational one and destructive addiction. She is a Thrive guest contributor, the host of The Butterfly Effect podcast, and frequent speaker. Her latest talk about the work at 1treellion is also available on TED.com

In everything she does Tali is driven by her passion to bring about a world that her kids and future generations can thrive in.

“My future is one where my kids can grow in an area where it’s green, where they can breathe air and see some light, and enjoy a clean ocean, and drink water without worrying, and play around without thinking of tomorrow,” she added. “And we’ll get there, we will – we just need to come together for that.”

I am delighted to welcome Tali onto the show to learn more about 1treellion.org and the community approaches that she believes can help shape the transition to a better world.

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