We at ECHN have gathered a list of spaces providing workspace for Ukrainians professionals from the Creative and Cultural Industries looking to resettle in European and neighbouring countries – we will matchmake the demand with the current offers and link the professionals to the CCS communities in the area they wish to resettle to. 

We want to support these people by partnering with our members across Europe to host and integrate some of the displaced creatives to get access to good working conditions (coworking space, wifi, community) and also networking, training and new job opportunities.

The creative hubs are, by default,  community-driven spaces with characteristics that make them particularly relevant in such context: the managers and staff of these spaces are professionals  trained to host and welcome people and can become key partners in orienting the new-comers in the process of setting up a life in a new country and environment, with new rules and conditions.

If you are a creative from Ukraine looking for support and a space to work in Europe, please get in touch through rita@creativehubs.net and we’re happy to give you all the relevant information. 

Artwork by ANDRE Olga, ‘Woman of Ukraine’, from the Creatives for Ukraine initiative.

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