An infinity train might sound like a cross between something from the world of science fiction and a ride at the fair but it is very much real – or will be.

When the international green energy company Fortescue Future Industries announced earlier this month it had bought UK-based Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE), the deal came with news that the pair are to develop a world first, zero emission Infinity Train.

Using gravitational energy to completely recharge its battery electric systems, the iron ore train won’t need any charging before its return trip to reload.

“The Infinity Train has the capacity to be the world’s most efficient battery electric locomotive,” said Fortescue Chief Executive Officer, Elizabeth Gaines. “The regeneration of electricity on the downhill loaded sections will remove the need for the installation of renewable energy generation and recharging infrastructure, making it a capital efficient solution for eliminating diesel and emissions from our rail operations.”

Around US$50 million will be invested over the next 24 months in developing an innovation Fortescue and WAE are confident will achieve commercial success on a global scale, as efforts are stepped up to green the heavy industry sector.

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