The music festival season still has a few hits left to bash out this summer and this weekend’s Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands is gearing up for a big one using power from the ‘largest solar carport in the world’.

Around 300,000 kWh of electricity is needed to run the annual Lowlands Festival and the new 35-hectare Solar Carport, with its 90,000 solar panels, will generate output equivalent to ‘100 Lowlands Festival weekends’.

Eric van Eerdenburg, Lowlands Festival Director, said: “We are proud that this solar carport has been opened in collaboration with Solarfields after years of development. As a festival organisation, we want to cultivate an optimistic vision of the future and play a role in solving climate problems. In this way, we hope to be a source of inspiration for our visitors to contribute – no matter how small – to making the world more sustainable.”

The bifacial solar panels being used let light pass through meaning energy can also be generated from the light that reflects back off the ground.

The Lowlands Festival is on from 19-21 August.

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