Life is a ticket to travel on ‘spaceship earth’ for a very limited time, tech pioneer Pascal Morgan tells me on the latest episode of the Inside Ideas podcast.

The founder of think.speak.transform, Pascal has over three decades of experience working as a technology and media strategist for Fortune 500 companies, experience he is now using to prepare companies for the future.

“I have an idealist outlook when it comes to the future”, Pascal says, when asked what a world that works for everyone looks like. “It is a sharing economy, a solutions driven economy, which is diverse and inclusive, where we cherish our next generations and leverage the knowledge and wisdom of our older generations.”

Pascal believes such an ‘interconnected society based on shared values’ is possible but only if we come together to figure out how we build it together.

The pragmatic philosopher is inspired by the potential of this future society and through think.speak.transform he shows innovators how disruptive technologies and new business models can help solve some of the global societal challenges that need navigated en route to a sustainable and desirable world.

His expertise is called on as a member of the faculty at futur/io Institute for Emerging Technologies, as a senior mentor at Germantech, business coach for start-ups, co-founder of the company builder United Peers, and previously as a Board member of the European Technology Chamber and chairman of their Academy commission.

Pascal adds that we must “evolve through complex challenges” and embrace a better mindset on how we approach the future. If we get it right he insists the “future is bright”.

In the current climate that sounds pretty good, so I am delighted to welcome Pascal onto the show to learn more about his ideas for how we “navigate the complexity” on the journey towards a desirable future world.

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