A new virtual Global Collaboration Village located inside the metaverse was launched today by the World Economic Forum at its annual meeting Davos. 

The goal is for this virtual village to be a place where the public and private worlds can come together to explore ways for overcoming the world’s most pressing challenges.

“The metaverse will influence the way, people, governments, companies and society at large think, work, interact and communicate for the purpose of collectively addressing issues on the global agenda,” said Klaus Schwab, the Forum’s Founder and Executive Chairman. “The Global Collaboration Village will be an extension of the World Economic Forum’s public private platforms and in-person meetings and will provide a more open, more sustained and more comprehensive process for coming together.”

The collaboration between the Forum, Accenture and Microsoft, will invite international organisations, governments and companies to step inside to ‘imagine alternative futures’ and ‘envision what the future world could be’.

Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture, added: “While the metaverse is only in its early days, it already holds great promise, not only for redefining how organisations work and interact but also for fostering effective public-private partnerships.”

During this week’s WEF annual meeting the ‘overall concept and architecture’ of the Global Collaboration Village, along with a ‘proof-of-concept of the experience’ are being presented. And the plan is that it will continue to take shape in the months and years ahead.

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting runs until 26 May. Follow the live sessions here.

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