In uncertain times like these leaders and decision makers have to be at the very top of their game. Too many governments, though, in recent times have been guilty of a dereliction of duty when it comes to tackling global challenges.

That is because leadership which sows division is the antithesis of what the world needs to overcome threats like the climate crisis. Instead leadership that speaks to all, the kind Larry Robertson, my guest today on Inside Ideas, is calling for in his new book: Rebel Leadership How to Thrive in Uncertain Times, is the only way forward.

Larry warns that toxic leadership will inevitably move the world towards collapse, the antidote being institutions which speak to all, that can shift the needle towards a culture of collaboration.

The Stanford graduate, and former Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, penned two award-winning books: The Language of Man and A Deliberate Pause, before writing Rebel Leadership. And his growing body of work has made him a sought after voice in the corridors of power for the past three decades.

So I am delighted to have Larry on the show to discuss the ways good leadership can unlock a better future for all.

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