The future doesn’t always get the best of write ups. Of course, the climate crisis and COVID pandemic don’t make for the most uplifting storylines, but the unfolding story of the future shouldn’t have people hiding behind their sofas.

Because ultimately the future is still ours to write collectively – and we can make it a good one, a just one, and a sustainable one that works all. Yes, the prevailing dystopian narratives can make it seem natural to poo poo such statements … but it’s true.

And at Innovators Magazine and on the Inside Ideas podcast with Marc Buckley, it is this desirable future that is the main protagonist. And there is clean meat on the metaphorical bones here. The guests on the Inside Ideas podcast are some of the innovators, scientists, philosophers, policymakers, entrepreneurs and visionaries taking the story of the future in the direction we all want it to go.

You can follow this direction of travel by watching the show on the Inside Ideas YouTube channel, or listening wherever you get your podcasts, and you really should follow the Inside Ideas instagram account curated by Paula Maultasch, the creative Executive Producer of Inside Ideas, because it will put a spring in your step when you think about the future.

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