There is a sense of real optimism and hope among many of the people we are talking with at COP27 in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt.

Together with Paula Maultasch, the creative executive producer of the Inside Ideas podcast, we are on #ACopHalfFull tour of COP27 to find out why the future is a place we can get excited about. As I said earlier in the week, this is not to pretend the world isn’t in a precarious situation right now, or that the many challenges will be overcome in the near future, but real change is happening and the seeds of a better world are being sown, some of them by those here in Egypt.

Shani Zanescu, a tech investor and the co-founder of nonprofit, PLANETech, is someone who believes in backing these seeds, in the form of investment in early-stage companies. And her mindset is undoubtedly #ACopHalfFull as she talks about the potential of the future.

“I could not be an investor in climate tech if I wasn’t an optimistic person in nature,” Shani says. “I believe in the brilliant founders and technologies from all around the world and truly believe that technology can bridge so many challenges, so many gaps.”

Shani adds: “For me the half full part is believing in science, in innovation, in nature-based solutions, in the kind hearts and brilliant minds of the entrepreneurs and founders of the next big climate tech companies.”

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With confidence in ‘science, tech, innovation, #NatureBasedSolutions + the brilliant minds of entrepreneurs’ it is #ACopHalfFull for @ShaniZanescu @COP27P as the investor shares with @marcearth her sense of optimism about the #future pic.twitter.com/CM5uvRBPz0

— Innovators Magazine (@innovatorsmag) November 9, 2022

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