We are at the start of the UN decade on ecosystem regeneration; in the early days of a decade of action to deliver the SDGs – as we try to build back better. If you piece together the slogans it sounds like we are setting off on the right course but how do we convert these noble intentions into transformative actions? The types of transformative actions we need to implement now to ensure the future we create for people and planet is one that becomes more desirable than disastrous.

Sarah Greenfield Clark, my guest today Inside Ideas, is at the heart of the action side of the coin. A passionate change-maker and advocate for people power and radical collaboration, Sarah is the co-founder of Climate 2025, a not-for-profit committed to supporting systemic change. Focused on giving practical tools and support to communities, funders and movements, it injects a today mindset to solving the world’s biggest challenges.

Prior to Climate 2025 Sarah helped birth Extinction Rebellion, supporting strategy, partnerships and leading on fundraising efforts.

A strong advocate of lifelong-learning and finding new ways to platform the voiceless amidst the climate, ecological and humanitarian crises, Sarah completed a distance-learning MSc Sustainability degree in 2018, achieving a First. She also writes for the Huffington Post, and helps coordinate and create green initiatives in her home city of Chelmsford.


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