Then check out the EIT Digital Challenge. It is the premier pan-European competition for digital deep tech scaleups.

“We’re looking for fast-growing European ‘deep tech’ companies with a differentiating product offering that leverages sophisticated, hard-to-reproduce digital technologies,” the EIT Digital Challenge website states.

The Challenge, now in its ninth year, exists to help scale up deep tech companies on to the international stage.

“The top 20 companies selected will be invited to an exclusive event to pitch in front of a panel of experts and investors and to participate in the matchmaking sessions with invited corporates and investors,” the Challenge website says. “The winners will receive waived entry into the 12-month Accelerator Program worth €50,000. They will also get dedicated services in international Access to Finance and Business Development by the EIT Digital Accelerator team.”

Apply by September 19, 2022

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