‘Designing smart, resilient cities for all’ is the tagline of next month’s RUGGEDISED event in Rotterdam.

Innovators Magazine is media partners with the event, which will showcase the combined ‘lessons from the RUGGEDISED project, where the cities of Rotterdam, Glasgow, Umeå, Parma, Brno and Gdansk have been working with researchers and private industry on pushing urban transition through Smart City developments and methods’.

“The project, consisting of more than 40 partners, supported by almost €18 million from the Horizon European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, was led by the City of Rotterdam,”  the event website states. “And anyone working towards a clean urban energy transition is invited to attend RUGGEDISED.”

RUGGEDISED takes place on 6 September, with the Recharge Earth Conference, which “will share both RUGGEDISED lessons and knowledge from other areas of the energy transition” following on the 7-8 September. Register now.

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